Advertising Copywriting – Getting a Copy to Convert

Advertising copywriting can be a challenge for the amateur writer. However, it is one of the most important things to have for any website. When hiring a copywriter, you may be surprised at the rate they charge (though there are affordable options, of course.) The fact is, though, that the copywriting on your website will define just how many sales you can make. The dollars spent on a professional will help the content on the website convert to sales in your pocket.

6 Tips For Effective Advertising Copywriting

For advertising copywriting to work, it has to be done properly. There are several areas, which most people and businesses can improve on so that they see higher rates of turning traffic into sales.

1. Know the fears of your readers. What is their problem? When you understand their problem, you are more likely able to respond effectively and sell to them more easily. Know your target audience’s problems well.

2. Use their language. It is essential that you work with your audience in such a way as they see you as a friend or a confidant. If you are too technical or formal, they will not be able to relate to you and therefore will not trust in what you can offer. Use their language, their buzzwords and even their style of writing to see results.

3. Write in a conversational tone. Advertising copywriting is all about the conversational tone, not the sales pitch. If you try a hard sell online, without any information conversational type of content, the reader will not trust in you. You do not want to be the used car salesperson!

4. Build on the relationships you have with readers. It is essential to ensure that the reader is able to count on you not just in the time it takes to buy from you, but afterwards too. Just like the offline marketplace, the online marketplace is fueled by word of mouth.

5. Give them value. With advertising copywriting, it is often easy to sell more than you can or should. Do not promote any product that is not worthy of your brand on it. Always give your readers real value if you expect them to listen to you.

6. Get the sale. You have to ask for the sale regardless of anything else that is happening. You should incorporate a sense of urgency, if appropriate, so that they buy now from you. Develop a clear call to action so that customers know what to do.

Getting Help

If you are stuck with writing your own advertising copywriting, you may want to reach out to professionals to help you. Get an idea of what your business can do by incorporating a few of these elements into the pages of your website. When you connect to your reader in this way, the results may well exceed your expectations. You will see more customers who will not only buy from you, but also tell others to do the same.

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