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Businesses looking for more return on their marking solutions could consider looking at social media or mobile campaigns, according to the results of two new studies.

Research carried out at the 2010 ad:Tech conference of marketing professionals found that 16% saw their highest return on investment (ROI) coming from Facebook campaigns this year.

It is a growing trend to use social media as part of marketing efforts and Facebook was found to offer more ROI than campaigns on either YouTube or Twitter.

Despite social media growing as a marketing solution, email remained the top digital marketing channel for providing a high ROI, with 38% of the marketers surveyed stating email was their most profitable channel.

A company website or blog was found to give the highest ROI for 21% of respondents and a similar figure stated they were going to invest highly in that same strategy next year.

Some 24% of professionals said their marketing solutions approach for 2011 was going to predominantly email-based, with 17% stating they were planning to invest large sums in Facebook or other social media marketing.

Mobile campaign marketing is another burgeoning area and interestingly some 14% said they were planning to pour money into this as a marketing solution in 2011.

This plan may seem a bold decision to some, but understandable if you look at the latest research from the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA). It found that 67% of consumers in the UK, France and Germany would use their mobile phone handset to search for and buy gifts in the run-up to Christmas.

The number of people using their mobile phone to assist with Christmas shopping has increased by more than a quarter compared to 12 months ago and, according to the MMA, these figures show a “clear opportunity for marketers” to optimise mobile as a marketing solution in the future.

Peter A. Johnson, vice president of market intelligence for the MMA, said there now exists a “clear connection” between mobile marketing and people’s conventional shopping behaviour.

“The findings from the latest research demonstrate the growing opportunity for European retailers to readdress the mobile channel to target end users. Consumers are now using their mobiles for a number of shopping related activities which marketers need to be aware of,” he stated.

The year ahead is going to be critical for businesses planning their marketing solutions, whether they plan to remain faithful to email or be more adventurous and attempt social media or mobile marketing.

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    Social Media House of Cards
    www.intersectionconsulting.comSocial Media is not a solution for organizations with major infrastructure issues. If anything, social media marketing will be the weight that exposes cracks in leadership, culture, product quality, customer service, etc.
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