Good Copywriting Tools Can Produce Instant Sales Letters

What’s the most time-consuming part of putting together a great Internet marketing project? That will, of course, depend upon the person involved. For many, however, the largest obstacle to getting the ball rolling is coming up with a winning sales page.

Sales letters are the end-all, be-all of successful marketing. You can send millions of people to your offer, but if the copy isn’t good you won’t convince anyone to crack open a wallet. The sales text has to be good. It must be truly persuasive. Coming up with a great piece of copy isn’t an overnight affair. It takes time and a lot of work.

Or does it? Is it possible that popular opinion regarding sales pages is a little bit outdated? Those who’ve relied on professionally-researched templates as part of their letter writing routine would argue that it is. They’ve found that they can produce nearly instant sales letters by piggybacking on the work of others.

By culling through proven sales pieces and applying a knowledge of copywriting and persuasion, experts have determined common elements of working copy. They’ve found underlying structures and patterns that are common to “the good stuff” and can provide handy tools that allow anyone to create a sales letter that will mimic past winning efforts, pushing the same kind of buttons in readers that made the original such a success.

When you have those assets at your disposal, coming up with instant sales letters isn’t difficult. You don’t waste time trying to reinvent the proverbial wheel. You’re not flying blind. You get to learn from the best, and the information provided makes putting a letter together much easier.

Will it make the sales letter the easiest part of your project? Probably not. You still want to perfect the draft you develop. You’ll still need to test the copy once it’s in place, too, for optimal results. Nonetheless, you can cut a lot of work out of the process by utilizing a template-driven system that will give you an inside track on capturing some of that elusive copywriting magic that has helped create so many past success stories.

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