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Social media marketing is the recent internet marketing trend. It is the process of marketing your website or business through social media channels and it is the most powerful and effective way to get attention and gain massive amounts of traffic. Examples of social media sites are Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Flickr, Youtube, Digg etc. These are site where photos, videos, and podcasts are hosted by your submissions.

But the question is, can social media marketing actually help your online business or is it a complete waste of your valuable time? It is true that marketing through social media is time consuming. However, Twitter is an exception.

Twitter is easier and a simpler form of social networking service. All you need to do is answer the question, “what are you doing?” in 140 characters. These short message or tweets are immediately displayed on your profile page and it will be shown to other users who are following you.

How to get started?
1.Sign up in Twitter for free. Select your business name as your twitter name or consider using your real name. This is will help you build credibility.
2.Fill out your bio for your profile and include keyword about your business and interest.
3.Start using Twitter right away by posting tweets about yourself, your business and company and make sure they catch the eyes of your followers. Post a small message with maximum of 140 characters telling people what you are doing.
4.Build your follower numbers. Follow folks who have the same interest as your business. You can use the search box to locate your friends. You can also follow people from your AOL, Gmail, and other email contacts that have Twitter account.
5.Display your own links either in your profile or include it on your tweets. Just try to have a creative way to make your tweets interesting, helpful and intriguing.
6.You can grow a small community of people with similar interests and who recognize your name if you are tweeting frequently.
7.Customize your Twitter page with an interesting background. You can design your own background by using Photoshop or free tools like Twitbacks or Twitrounds.
8.Continue to follow new people as this will help you increase the number of your followers. The more followers you have the more likely they will read your tweets. Thus, helping you to generate massive amount of traffic to your site.
9.Check out what other people in your industry are tweeting about and keep an eye on your brand by searching on Twitter often.
10.Reply to your direct messages. If you are using Twitter for business, this is extremely essential.

If you think it doesn’t make any sense and is sheer waste of time, then you are under estimating twitter potential. Spend a minute a day on twitter and gain quality traffic to your website. And it’s really fun.

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Paul Evans is an experienced Internet Marketer who has spent a considerable amount of time doing his research on hundreds of internet opportunities and exploring various ways in which to market his products and services. Follow me on Twitter at paulevanstweet.

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