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Change is the only constant factor. As obsolete ways of conducting business gets buried under layers of new, emerging technology, it’s time to think differently as well. When you are embracing new technology, you have to make sure you are mentally attuned to the needs of the technology. Some similar disconnect is being witnessed by lead generation teams using social media marketing. Social media is a relatively new platform. It has its own set of rules, format and ways of functioning. When outbound call center agents use social media to make a promotion, they have to focus on some aspects before they hit the fourth gear.

Social media is different from other forms of media. Here people come to hang out and pass time without feeling a burden. The amateur lead generation team pushes across links to friends and followers randomly added on social media networks like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. They hope that the persons they are sending the link to will click on it and they will be directed to the product/service webpage that they are selling. This is entirely wishful thinking. BPO agents who have done so have realized that things don’t work that way. No random add of significant number can be directed as healthy, productive traffic without a proper plan in place. And that plan is all about understanding the metrics of social media networks.

The first that lead generation executive have to understand is that pushing marketing links on social media is like calling people when they are partying or clubbing. They hate it. There is no dearth of spammers online and you are counted as one. To prevent that tag, your outbound call center agent has to take things easy. Get acquainted with them. Interact with them. Don’t let new additions to your page rot away in oblivion. They are your potential leads, treat them well. Find out about their lives, talk about yours. Just talking about your business products and services will bore them out. In other words, going on an overdrive to sell things will backfire and kill the lead.

Another mistake that lead generation teams make is look for instant results. If you are following the rules of social media marketing, you have to give it time to flourish. Only if you have an offline brand presence can your social media page take off instantly. In other cases, BPO firms have to bide their time. There will be no tangible results if your outbound call center team is just warming up to potential leads. Getting impatient at this stage will push the agent to hurry things. That will undo all the good work done. Admitted that this method is not very cost-effective and the money you spent to get leads may not look favorable in the ledgers. If instant profit is your business motto, better try telemarketing.

Social media creates a brand online. If done the right way, your lead generation team need not touch base with the potential leads on a daily basis. There is every chance to make your online marketing go viral. You may find your business being promoted not by the outbound call center agents you have hired, but by satisfied customers and fans of your social media page. Patience is the key to this wonder-world. Take it or leave it.

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