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Demo today.
Way too much stuff hung up in tech review.
The devs were too busy dealing with code to make sure that we’re explaining the code to customers.
So, if I get asked during the demo if everything’s reviewed, I’ll say:
And if the devs try to tech review during the demo, I’ll say:
"This is a demo, not a hack session. You can do the format tech review and update target process."

It’ll all be okay.
It’s Friday.
Just relax, drink a cup of shut the fuck up, and have a good day.


I remember getting an invitation to test SL Go.
But they were looking for people to do puff marketing reviews of the software, not hard QA user testing.
The closest they had to a cynic or critical-thinker was Inara.
And I’m not about to do QA user testing for free for a for-profit company that has the Terms Of Service content-grab still in place.
When they clean up their messes, maybe I’ll come over some day and bring a covered dish for the potluck.
As for the people who shout "YOU ARE NOT THE INTENDED USER MARKET!" at any critic, the proper response is: "Who is?"

Listening to Drax’s show.
Yes, I’m well aware of the cost of building a render farm.
Racks of nVidia stacks for a cloud ain’t cheap, and ain’t cheap to power, either.
But I’m also well aware of the fact that they’re not just in the same colo as LL/SL.
Other game services are there, too. And if SL Go fails, they can re-deploy that hardware.
Just as other server farms can wipe a server, reimage it, and lease it out to someone else.
If they build render farm servers just for SL Go that can’t be re-deployed to other games/services, there’s a word for that:
Ad for idiot like… yep, Daniel Voyager who think this ought to be free, or other idiots who think this should come with an already-cheap Premium account, well, those people are greedy, cheap, and insane.
As Dolly Parton used to say "It costs a lot of money to look this cheap."


Yeah, I hear that all the time.
People assume I just reflexively hate and go all negative and contrary without any thought.
Ahem… fuck you.
I look things through from various angles, every perspective.
I have a whole chorus of devil’s advocates in my head.
And if you think I’m contrary, well, I can also be contrary to myself, and query/question my own concepts for analysis.
One example…
Do you have a Sam’s card? A Costco card?
Yes? No?
Well, it’s the same deal, really. Do you think it makes sense to pay for access to get bulk discounts, better service, etc. Or should you go to a normal store to meet your needs?
Every person should ask themselves what they want out of SL, where they want it, what they’re able to pay, what they’re willing to pay, and then allocate their funds appropriately.
If you can’t afford a killer gaming rig or don’t want to risk buying one that doesn’t work with SL, OnLive takes that risk for you with this client. For a cost.
I have a whole Google docs folder full of thought exercises on this SL Go thing.
Will I blog them?
Because people are just simple sound-bite HATER! and WACKADOODLE! and PROK! and CHEERLEADER! and ASSHOLE! and all that these days.
It just doesn’t fucking matter.
So, I write… then I clip out some bits here and there to use in my stories.
And then I go have some coffee.


Still a simpering dipshit. Anything beyond copy-paste of announcements that shows opinion from him ends up being vapid and badly thought-out.
Seriously, all you people saying that he raises awareness and all that – please stop. You’re defending a dimwit.
You’re just as wrong as the people who say that Sabreman Carter is raising awareness and exposure for the spoken word community.
He’s just making announcements on groups that people are already on. He’s not much more than a secretary.
He hosts open mikes that people are already going to… writes bland and banal stuff on the rare times he participates.
So, preaching to the choir… not raising awareness. Just someone who keeps stirring the same pot without adding anything to it.
Well, that and his rude come-ons and disgusting treatment of chicks who don’t fawn over him, but hey – nobody’s perfect.
Or those saying Skylar raises awareness and writes marvelous poetry and all that- it’s juvenile and narcissistic. And the advice she gives is often really, really bad… and she’s hardly a role model or test bed for her pie-in-the-sky advice.
(As much as I hope she faces reality and deals with it in an honest and honorable manner, I have no grounds to believe anything she does or says. SEO and plagiarism are hardly the components of a respectable writing portfolio.)
Prok… Thirza… the rest of ’em.
Mankind Tracer? A swindler and a crook.
The only good thing about his rooking the SL music community that fawns over his efforts is that in the end, it’s going to drain his own coffers dry when it implodes.
Because that’s what happens in SL Music… nobody wins. Everybody pays. The only one that ends up with the money is the house: The Lab.

Whether people are fans of these folks makes for a good litmus test… lets me know that the person doesn’t really think too deeply about the ones they trust, look up to, and so on.
And as for people who judge others for their connections of me, you’re welcome to assume I’m the same to you as I am to them.
Because it saves me the time from listening to your insane, superficial chittter chatter.
Move along… this is the adult’s table. Not many chairs here. No room for bullshit.


I’m waiting for a build to complete on my sandbox.
Demo in two hours, gotta make sure I have everything updated with the latest build.
By isfullofcrap on 2014-03-07 07:47:58

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