Search Engine Marketing with Social Media V/S Paid Placement

The world of Internet is big and a number of things are to be kept in mind before setting a website to work.

Competition exists everywhere, and the Internet world is no exception. When you type a word in the search bar, you get plenty of results, which are probably more than one could use. Considering this, website owners brainstorm to figure out whether it is Search Engine Marketing or Paid Search Engine Placements that fit the best into the site.

Over the past few years, it is seen that online shoppers are very comfortable in making quick decisions. Majority of them trust only those websites that pop-up on the first page and do not even bother to browse to proceed to the next page. Factors that used to have an impact on them like traditional advertising, catalogues and word of mouth, no more have such a great impact. The new search option does the task by finding new retailers and brands for consumers very easily. And this new search option has put website owners in a big dilemma to decide the better one amongst the two techniques namely Search Engine Marketing and Paid Search Engine Placements.

However, for sure Search Engine Marketing is definitely an important method to climb up the search engine’s ranking. Techniques like paid search, SEO affiliates and e-mails are a few other ways to attract the consumer towards a website.

Despite everything, there are cases when some or rather many consumers reach the website directly through their own sources. So, it depends on the consumers as well. Paid Search Engine Placements have gained popularity because of the return of investments that marketers get from it.

While you decide what fits in your business, both Search Engine Marketing and Paid Search Engine Placements are good choices depending upon your understanding on how they work. Also, you can mix both of them to get the maximum benefit out of your business. The only thing is that website owners and businesses should be aware of their aim and at what point they want their business to reach in the world of Internet.


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    Basically, every thought, every opinion, every observation, and every relationship has a public place online. But more importantly, public sharing of information has become the norm. Our culture has made humility a dirty word. Many businesses (not all) should be willing to match (or at least get close to) their consumers’ comfort level with publicly displaying personality.

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