Social Media Marketing For Small Business – A Few Guidelines

Social media networking sites are such Web portals that aim to connect people with one another into a large virtual community. Today almost everyone has a profile in some social media networking sites or the other. However, the platforms of these sites are increasingly been exploited with motives of growth and proliferation in businesses. Social media marketing for small business is beneficial as it provides a large exposure, which helps in the generation of customers. Through the implementation of these strategies, a small business can grow rapidly and generate clients double the amount as in the conventional marketing techniques.

Following are the guidelines that would help you to understand the basics of each of the renowned social media and the strategies to deal with it.


Facebook has millions of users that the small businesses must aim to turn into their customers (or at least a targeted group should be aimed). Facebook offers a very strong platform, so, if you still have not created your business profile in it, you must do it immediately. You can create fan pages containing various applications to attract and engage your customers. You can also earn from the ads on your profile pages.


Twitter is one of the best platforms for social media marketing for small businesses. You can tweet your messages and updates to your community members and fans. To be able to leverage Twitter, you must read books on this social networking site to learn to use its advanced tools. There are various application tools like TweetDeck, Seesmic, and Tweetie. Various applications enhance flexibility and control over your strategies on Twitter. To learn about the ways to promote your business on Twitter, you must read a good book on it. You can find a few good books on it across the Web.


With nearly 50 million users, LinkedIn is most probably the most popular business oriented social network for professionals. Thus having a profile in LinkedIn helps businesses to a large extent. You can ask for ‘recommendation’ on your profile from your customers, clients or vendors. Recommendations help you to get better search engine results for your business profile.


It is a multimedia platform where you can post audios, videos, photos, and presentations. It makes an attractive platform for social media marketing for small businesses. You can upload various updates about your company on YouTube.

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