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Janique Goff is one among a few people who are concerned on the survival of the planet earth. For that reason, Janique Goff has dedicated herself to be a successful Business Development Manager based in the Greater San Diego Area. Janique Goff main interest is on the emerging technologies such as on bio fuel technology, green energy technology solutions, as well as the wildlife preservation. Her full attention in preserving wildlife brought her to her opinion on the bees’ life extinction tendency. Janique Goff took on her consideration about Albert Einstein prediction that human population would become wiped out 4 years after the extinction of honeybees. Janique Goff truly believed that honeybees have a great contribution in making possible of human food supply to be available. She deeply understood well that bees pollinate one to third of all the food that are eaten by human. For that reason, she campaigned that we have to feed bees by making pollination gardens with variety of flowers and therefore we cannot use the pesticide.

In addition to her concern about preserving on the wildlife, Janique Goff is also an outspoken advocate of clean energy development and other important environmental advocacy. Her stance in dealing with BP oil spill incident is firm. She in fact believed that this incident has caused a global sorrow for the entire of the earth ecosystem and therefore, a global rally to clean and green tech development relating to this incident is highly required.

At the present time, from January 2000 up to now, Janique Goff plays a role as a business development manager at Confidential Corporation that run in the biotechnology industry. For more than ten years, she has experienced to secure new clients, also building business relationships, and securing venture of capital. She is also skilled in negotiating contracts. Her extra ordinary communication skills plus professional demeanor, and also her wide network of connections has made her to be the number one people’s choice to represent engineers and scientists for launching their ideas to the Nation. More than that, she also becomes the leading in presenting portable technologies for desalination of water as well as solar power. Janique Goff also vocal in presenting, marketing, and advertising green technology projects such as  the decontamination units for toxic land and water as well as biomass technologies. At this time, Janique Goff is involved in agriculture and pet products.

Janique Goff the successful business development manager who are concerned on the survival of the planet earth

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circuits in the recently-launched Pacific II satellite when it be-comes operational. It now has 50circuits in Pacific I. The continuedgrowth of telephone traffic across theAtlantic, as well as the Pacific andCaribbean oceans, will require evengreater use of satellite circuits in thefuture. New Disneyland Pavilion A colorful filmed voyage through theUnited States on a mammoth 350°screen highlights the Bell Systems all-new America the Beautiful Pavilionat Disneyland near Anaheim, Califor-nia. Up to 3,000 guests per hour canview the Walt Disney Studios film onthe circular screen which measures 18feet in height and 80 feet in diameter.Dozens of states are represented inthe presentation, including New York,Hawaii, Alaska, Florida, Illinois, andMassachusetts. Guests are welcomedby a Pacific Telephone hostess whouses a series of wall panels to tell thestory of the Bell Systems evolution.The 34,000 square-foot pavilion alsofeatures an extensive display of thelatest developments in telephony.

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Communications technology will soon give to man, no matterwhere he is, the power of instant interaction with a computer.Reshaping concepts of time and space in business management. To exploit this power. Standard Oil of California uses theBell System information network to link its refinery, research,and administrative operations to a giant computer. No one knows more about moving information than thepeople who run the worlds largest information network. Bell System -the information movers (m)ATsJ ^ATstT American Telephone and Telegraph Company195 Broadway, New York, N.Y., 10007 Return Poblage Guaranteed Bulk RateU.S. Postage PAID Washington, D.C.Permit No. 43083 OL 13 §Bfi^i^^ 17Z Prinled in U.S.A KAi-^SAS ClfY ,.,0 b^iub I BELL telephone magazine NDEX VOLUME XLVl 1967 KANSAS CITY, MO MAR 1 3 i968 ©AT&T INFORMATION DEPARTMENT BELL TELEPHONE mOAZINEVOLUME XLVI 1967 TABLE OF CONTENTS JAMJARY/FEBRUARY 1967 Cover: Capsule Images Drawn From Five of the Feature Articles in This Issue

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