Understanding B2B

The explanation of business transaction taking place between two organizations is generally referred to as B2B or business to business. It is not similar to any deal between a business and consumers or between business and government but business to business. It is especially electronic commerce which makes use of this system. In the e-commerce framework, this form of transaction is based. The easiest method to understand it is with this example. A chicken producing firm sells chicken to a chicken farm and not customers. So it is a trade taking place between two traders and no third party is involved. Another instance here would elucidate even further the difference between trade in business to business and business to customer.

A grocery store vending chicken to its customer is a transaction between a corporation and consumer. The trade between two businesses is as well used in order to identify the transaction that is to be recorded in the book of accounts. Any institution putting photocopies on sale is a part of B2B trade or an organization. E commerce Business to business could as well mean exchange which is primarily made to create an incessant chain of value prior to the completion of producing products for consumers to be consumed. It is deemed that this form of selling is tougher than selling a product directly to customers. Along with this, it involves decisions to be taken by merely one party which is either by the seller or the prospective buyer. A lot of big time names in business are the ones to use the term B2B in order to differentiate their standard from the inferior or small scale trade houses. The main purpose of this form of e commerce business is to boost up the profit margins of the company, make it efficient and stable in terms of it functionalities and management. The plans comprise building good public relations, branding, mail reply and messages, etc. It was in the year 1922 that this practice was first taken up. The foremost step is to set up your statement of position which includes how you would carry out your plans and why it is better than others and the subsequent step is to convey your ideas to compel customer into purchasing your products.

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